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The school holidays can stretch out in front of parents and children alike and keeping the kids entertained – and the parents sane – isn’t always easy. Working parents have only so much leave for daytrips so finding a great children’s sports camp is a brilliant solution to fill the days and will make for an active, happy break all round. There are lots of camps on offer but what do you really need to focus on when seeking out the right one for your child?

For the parents

Key for the parent looking to choose a great children’s sports camp is safety and peace of mind that their children are well-cared for. Make sure that all staff have been DBS checked and that they are qualified and have been trained for the activities they are running. The premises are also important. Find a great children’s sports camp in your area and your child is more likely to bump into schoolmates and any new friends they make will be closeby throughout the year. A venue with acres of green space is fantastic as is a well-ordered and welcoming reception with a daily timetable which will set the tone for an enjoyable day and encourage anyone with first day nerves. Flexible, accessible pricing is important and early drop-off and lunchtime club can be a lifesaver for the working parent. Camps which really try to make every child thrive regardless of their interests and abilities are the ones to seek out. Look out for award days – extra important if your child will be attending for several weeks as they’ll really look forward to these. When it comes down to it though, the most important thing for any parent is to know that their child will be having a fun, entertaining time – the stuff of cracking holiday memories.

For the children

Fun, action and friends sum up what the kids are after. A chance to race around away from the confines of the classroom, to try a few different sports, both ones they may know already and the chance to try new things. Children enjoy the variety of sport and activities and have the best time when they can try a couple of new challenges in one day. Look for activities which foster team cooperation as well as championing the individual, both essential qualities in the sporting arena. It’s not all about structure though and especially in the holidays, kids love their free time. The best camps will always follow a structured, well-organised timetable which will allow for maximum enjoyment.

The Little Foxes Club Children’s Sports Camp

The sports

So, what to look for in terms of the sports on offer? Well, the key is variety. A great camp will offer a variety of sports to choose from, including football, tennis and multi-sports. Camp is a fantastic time to try out new sports and develop existing knowledge; a unique opportunity to develop skills learned at school or after-school clubs. Camp isn’t just about formal sport however. It is also about pure fun, who doesn’t have fond memories sports camps in their youth? Camps which offer sport in all its glory from skills training, to learning new games to just having a go will be the best choice. Kids will love the pick and mix on offer at a great children’s sports camp and from the sportiest to the most timid, all children will enjoy a wonderful, active holiday.

Check out The Little Foxes Club exciting programme of children’s sports camps, for children aged from 18 months to 12 year olds, You can view our full schedule of available camp classes here.