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With the UK set for a sunny and warm post-pandemic summer, there has never been a better time to put away the screens, slap on the sun lotion and head outside. Video games and films might seem like quick, simple solutions for parents struggling to juggle work responsibilities with childcare (and their own sanity) during the long summer holidays, but there are so many easy ways to ensure kids and adults can be healthy and happy outside. From camping, hiking, wild-swimming and nature-spotting to outdoor sports camps and clubs, there’s no chance that technology can win against the awesome power of the Great Outdoors.

Let them explore

Going out into the Great Outdoors needn’t require getting on a plane or even in a car: our green and pleasant land is full of great parks. You can join us for classes in one of the many green and open parks in London. Pack some lunchboxes if you are joining us for the full day or half-day and one-hour classes are on offer for younger children.

You can re-wild your child by encouraging them to take part in group sports activities. There are always great activity classes to keep the kids occupied and breathing in the fresh air all day long.

Ensure they’re getting enough exercise

Nature’s great, but any parent knows that kids need activities and games, which is why sports are an excellent way to keep them entertained. Sharing a sport you love is a great way to connect, teach skills and spend quality time together. If you’re short of time, though, don’t worry: children’s sports camps are a brilliant solution. Our classes can be booked on an individual basis.

Run by trained, qualified and DBS-checked staff, our camps have flexible pricing and offer amazing variety and fun alongside all the health benefits of outdoor exercise. Kids can do football, tennis, or they can mix it up with multi-sports: dodgeball, handball, athletics and Olympic-style events. Free from the confines of the screen, they’ll love making new friends, working in teams, and running wild. What’s more, studies have shown that time spent outdoors improves sleep, so when the kids get back exhausted from a day of play, you can be confident of enjoying a peaceful evening. It’s a win-win!

Post Pandemic Summer (2)

Give them chance to flourish

Whether it’s exploring or exercising, research shows that time spent in the Great Outdoors has innumerable health benefits: it burns calories, relieves stress and anxiety, boosts natural immunity, increases happiness, contributes to healthy eyesight and elevates Vitamin D levels. The Royal Society of Public health has declared a childhood obesity epidemic, while it is estimated that 16% of UK children are Vitamin D deficient and the same percentage suffer from mental health difficulties. Furthermore, recent research shows a link between screen time and the risk of short-sightedness, and optometrists are seeing a sharp incline in the number of children struggling to see the board at school. Even more reason to put away those tablets and get the kids outside!

Connecting with nature, using their bodies, breathing in the fresh air; all are crucial to young people’s mental and physical well-being, especially while they recover from the effects of the pandemic. Playing team sports such as tennis, netball, football and rugby not only develops coordination, motor skills, and muscle strength, but helps to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie too, encouraging leadership and independence skills. Sports camps and clubs regularly have prize-giving events, boosting self-confidence and helping young people to flourish.

To learn more about our sports camps this summer, contact us at The Little Foxes Club today.

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