Helping children to ‘love’ tennis or just have a great time

Nothing says Summer like a flood of interest in getting involved in tennis games and coaching. Fortunately for local children aged 18 months to 14 years, Little Foxes term time classes in tennis are available throughout the year!

This is also a popular activity in our multi-sport and creative play Holiday Camps.

Our tennis activities for young players are ideal for complete beginners, children who want to develop general abilities in this sport, or just for fun. Sessions are always age-appropriate and aimed at setting achievable milestones and making great memories.

That means your son or daughter will engage in various games and fun fitness tasks, to learn hand-to-eye coordination, racket handling skills and agility for example. Often they learn without even realising that’s the purpose of the game they play!

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Tennis Activity Sessions For Children (2)

Who provides tennis activity sessions for children?

Though the emphasis is on enjoyment – and great times with friends – that’s not to say your child won’t get the best possible tennis coaching experience. This includes benefiting from sessions led by professional tennis coaches, who focus on helping each child to make measurable progress.

As you would expect from such a quality and safety-conscious provider of activities for children, all our tennis coaching activities are created within the guidelines set by The Lawn Tennis Association (the national governing body in the UK) and we are registered with them.

We use the best courts and equipment too, to give children great opportunities to ‘try their hand’ at tennis and gain foundation skills in this wonderful sport.

It’s not surprising that so many Little Foxes go on to develop a lifelong passion for this sport.

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For term-time classes in tennis, click here and also consider our dedicated tennis Holiday Camps or multi-sports Holiday Camps that include tennis alongside other options, including creative play sessions.

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