Rugby for fun, and a foundation for future players.

For children with an interest in playing rugby at an early age, The Little Foxes Club has the ideal solution. We offer professional coaching in fun, relaxed sessions in the London area.

Our term-time rugby classes for children from 3 to 7 years of age are arranged around suitable versions of this hugely popular sport.

The same goes for when we make rugby part of our multi-sports holiday camps for Little Foxes.

So, we organise our regular rugby coaching sessions for children around age-appropriate no-contact activities, and the general skills they need such as running, passing and kicking.

Rugby Classes
Tag & Touch Rugby Options

Even games like tag can help our Little Foxes develop insights and abilities that are the foundation of being rugby players!

Though these enjoyable, energetic and sociable rugby activities are designed for beginners, and those who want to play rugby ‘for fun’, they are still led by highly experienced professional coaches.

In fact, one of the reasons we are such a highly recommended children’s activity provider is that all of our rugby-related work is governed by mandates of the RFU (Rugby Football Union). This shows our commitment to safety, quality and the best possible playing experiences for children.

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What do children gain from rugby play activities?

By engaging with the sport of rugby during term time classes or our Holiday Camp programme, children benefit in a diverse range of ways.

First, they are thoroughly entertained and energised, by learning more about rugby with their friends (new and existing).

They gain the basics of the sport in a fun learning experience, but also transferrable skills such as teamwork, coordination and ball control.

Also, every Little Foxes term time class provides confidence and a fabulous sense of achievement, and our rugby sessions are no exception.

Rugby Classes for Children
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Could a Little Foxes term-time rugby class be the perfect start for a child who will one day join a local team? We say YES! However, term time or Holiday Camp rugby play can also be just about fitness, fun and friendship