Move and Create Holiday Camps - Sport and Imagination Activities

Energetic, exciting, creative, laughter-filled, memory-making, confidence-building and flexible…….school holiday camps don’t get better than this!

The Little Foxes school holiday camps in the London area offer chances to:

  • Try new sports and get better at favourite ones
  • Experiment with things like Messy Science sessions
  • Get stuck into creative play, like Lego building.

All in a safe place, with carefully screened ‘grown ups’ in charge.

This makes them the best holiday camps for children aged 18 months to 14 years old, but also a great option for parents too!

Move & Create Holiday Camps in London
Move And Create Holiday Camps

What will kids do at these Move & Create Holiday Camps?

In safe and supervised indoor and outdoor spaces, children let their imaginations run free under the watchful eye of caring coaches and play leaders.

It includes having age-appropriate taster sessions of football, rugby, tennis, dodgeball and other sports, with professional children’s sports coaches. Children also create take-home masterpieces in Arts & Crafts activities or construct whatever they want to with Lego, and Holiday camp highlights are bound to include things like nerf gun ‘battles’ and giant messy science fun!

Basically, it’s things to keep children’s bodies, minds and imaginations ACTIVE, with friends. And……the sort of fun that makes adults really jealous!

So much to do, to fill their days!

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Why did The Little Foxes Club organise Holiday Camps for under 15-year-olds providing a mixture of sports, arts and crafts and creative play?

One reason is that it ensures there’s lots of variety in our camps, including activities that every child will truly love and excel at.

We also appreciate that finding engaging school holiday activities is important to local parents. They know that being active physically and mentally is important to a child’s development.

Enrolling your child on mixed activity camp is also a great way of beating school holiday boredom and getting your kids away from gadgets!

The best school holiday camps also enable parents to get on with their own tasks, while their children are in safe hands and having fun. The icing on the cake is when they come home tired from a fabulous day making memories with new and existing friends!

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Move & Create Holiday Camps

Treating every child as an individual

Throughout our busy Move & Create Holiday Camps, each child receives personal support and care. They will get opportunities to test their own abilities and learn new things, but also enjoy things they already love to do.

That same responsive approach applies to parents and carers too. When booking your child on Move and Create Holiday Camps in London, you can choose a week, a day or even half a day session. Toddlers can Move and Create in hour-long introductory holiday camp sessions too!

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