Our Gymnastics Programme

Gymnastics helps children build a range of coordination and motor skills, including balance, agility and good posture. It aids children in developing muscle strength and endurance. Our classes are structured according to age groups and development needs; each age group will respectively have access to different equipment and undertake different exercises and training. With the younger age groups of 18 months – 2 years, and 3 – 4 years, elements of soft play are also incorporated into their sessions.

Term Classes

Term-time classes run weekly throughout each school term. Our timetable is updated regularly; find a class that is convenient for you here.

Gymnastics Classes for Kids
Gymnastics Classes for Kids

Private Gymnastics Classes

Private Groups

Private groups offer an excellent way for your child and their selected friends to get together regularly. They are also perfect as additional, organised practice sessions.

Private group sessions offer maximum flexibility, allowing you to choose the day, time and venue of your choice.

One-on-One Classes

Ideal for children who respond well to one-on-one learning, these football classes can be arranged at any time to suit you. They are especially popular with beginners and our advanced players who want extra coaching outside of their regular training sessions.

Additional Support

We can provide additional coaching assistance to children to support their needs in our regular training sessions upon request.

Lifetime Benefits


From early years to advanced training, playing sport develops hand-eye coordination, motor skills, muscle development and increases physical strength and energy.


Playing a sport develops important skills for life. Key skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, tenacity, commitment and ambition are encouraged and nurtured by our coaches.


Teamwork helps to form friendships, teaches social skills, builds self-confidence and enhances all-round enjoyment of our classes. Our club provides a perfect environment in which to make new friends.


A positive mindset is vital in sport. Sport at any level helps to improve concentration and listening skills, and raises self-esteem. As children learn, the sense of achievement gained drives personal motivation to do even better.


Real benefits extend to parents and carers too. The true value of being part of our club can be found in the quality of our coaching, our commitment to the children’s well-being and our celebration of their achievements.


At the end of the day, we send home happy children with a sense of belonging. During their time with us, they are included and encouraged. Their experiences help develop a close parental bond as they share their successes and create lasting memories.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Kids

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We teach children essential life skills, bringing children together, encouraging teamwork and building confidence. Classes promote living a healthy lifestyle and being regularly physically active. At the Little Foxes Club, children develop friendships and create memories that last a lifetime. Follow our journey!

We offer high-energy fun packed sports parties perfect for children of all ages

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