Term time, school holiday and competitive football activities

Football is enjoyed by all ages, often from the minute children start to walk!

So, it’s no surprise that it ranks so highly in our popular programme of sports activities for children aged from 18 months to 14 years. Including featuring in multi-sports and dedicated football sessions for Little Foxes.

The fact so many children enjoy playing football – and the benefits it provides – are why we created Foxes FC, London’s leading football club for young players (more on this later).

However, not all children want to play competitive football of course, but they still enjoy kicking a ball around with their friends. That is why both our term time activity sessions and Holiday Camps offer football for beginners or just for fun.

Term Time
Competitive Football Activities

These are always age-appropriate and with a big emphasis on enjoyment.

Though even these more relaxed football activities are delivered by our team of FA and UEFA-qualified coaches. The Little Foxes Club has also been accredited by the Football Association, the governing body of association football in England, and we adhere to the standards and principles set by the FA.

This ensures that all our community-based football activities – at every level – have excellence and safety at their core.

What do term-time football activities give to children?

Our commitment to professionalism in all things means that Little Foxes Club football-related activities are always the best around and provide an incredible opportunity for children (from toddlers upwards) to learn new skills.

This includes ball control, shooting practice and other technical skills, as well as teamwork in mini-matches. They also benefit hugely from skills they can use away from the football pitch, such as good coordination, resilience and problem-solving.

Term Time Football Activities In Little Foxes
Term Time Football Activities

Through engaging in football-related activities, we also see children growing in confidence thanks to the way we make every child feel like a winner.

These are fun football sessions with friends (new and existing ones) but they are also ways they can achieve personal and team goals to feel great!

That means each child who plays football on one of our term time (or flexible Holiday Camp) sessions get to take home wonderful memories.

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What if Little Foxes want to go further?

Often children signed up for Little Foxes football activities become eager to gain even more skills and get involved in the competitive side of the sport. Once they are aged five and upwards, they get priority when signing up for Foxes FC. This is our more structured football programme for children, focusing on local Academies.

Foxes FC players can get involved in league competitions, development squads, Masterclasses and more! We also provide options such as Girls Only teams, futsal and Five-a-side leagues, at superb local indoor and outdoor football venues.

Little Foxes Football Activities
Little Foxes Club

Find out more about local football activities for children

Remember, your child doesn’t have to be a Foxes FC player to enjoy excellent, safe and inclusive football coaching and fun, with The Little Foxes Club football programme!

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