Sports Classes We Offer

By joining The Little Foxes Club, children can access a wide range of sports classes to choose from in our mission to make play varied and fun!

Children can enjoy a healthy active lifestyle, meet others and make friends on the journey. We foster childhood development and create happy childhood memories.

Sports Classes For Children
Sports Activities For Children

Sports Classes & Programmes

Our sports classes are for all children, from toddlers to advanced players. We offer a variety of classes seven days a week, all year round, at local parks and indoor venues convenient to you.

During school breaks our holiday camps are on offer. We also provide competitive football training at an advanced level in Football through our Foxes FC programme. Additionally, we also offer advanced tennis training through our Tennis Performance Programme.

Find A Sports Class Near You

Use our class finder to explore the activity options for your child. Choose from weekly classes during our term courses or holiday camps during school breaks.

Football Classes

Football is a great way to bring children together; it encourages teamwork while building confidence and friendships. Our sessions are for all abilities and enable children to learn and play sports in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Playing promotes living a healthy lifestyle and being regularly physically active. Football classes for kids are age-specific and start for children aged 18 months and go up to 15 years in our competitive league teams, Foxes FC.

Football Classes for Children
Rugby Classes for Children

Rugby Classes

Tag & Touch Rugby offers a great introduction to the world of rugby, enabling children to play in teams in a safe and structured environment. Tag & Touch Rugby confer multiple benefits in addition to the technical skills acquired, such as improved stamina and body coordination. Our Tag & Touch Rugby classes are available for children aged 3 – 7 years at selected venues.

Tennis Lessons

As an LTA registered club, our mission is to make tennis lessons accessible, welcoming and enjoyable for everyone. Playing tennis improves agility, balance, reflex speed, hand-eye coordination and general fitness levels (strength and stamina). Tennis teaches concentration, discipline and tactical thinking. Children learn to interact and communicate with others and have fun! Helping build an all-rounder! We welcome children of all abilities. Tennis lessons are age-specific and start for children aged 2 and go up to 14 years for those in our Tennis Performance Programme.

Tennis Lessons for Children
Gymnastics Classes for Children

Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics helps children build a range of coordination and motor skills, including balance, agility and good posture. It aids children in developing muscle strength and endurance. Our classes are structured according to age groups and development needs; each age group will respectively have access to different equipment and undertake different exercises and training. With the younger age groups of 18 months – 2 years, and 3 – 4 years, elements of soft play are also incorporated into their sessions.

Multi-Sports Camp

Our multi-sports camp runs every school holiday, allowing children to explore and enjoy diverse sports and activities. Every session is different throughout the week ranging from cricket, dodgeball, handball, Olympic fun and games (javelin, shot put, tug of war, long jump, standing triple jump – hop, skip and jump etc.), athletics (track and field – relay races, obstacle courses and games), tag and touch rugby, rounders, and football.

This is perfect if your child enjoys variety or wants to determine which sport they enjoy the most. It is an excellent way for children to come together, make new friends and work in teams.

Multi Sports Camp