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Making children’s parties memorable – and enjoyable for the parents too – often involves bringing in the experts! That includes finding activity-based birthday party planners near you.

As football is very popular these days – with girls and boys – it’s no surprise that demand for football-themed birthday parties is high. There are also other party packages involving sports, to give children a way to ‘let off steam’ during birthday celebrations.

However, is a sports activity a safe and inclusive party idea for children? After all, it’s important to consider differently abled party guests and those with simply no sports interest at all!

That’s the sort of consideration that has gone into the successful sports birthday packages offered by The Little Foxes Club.

Best Children's Sports Parties

Inclusive and FUN activity parties

Why are Little Foxes sports-themed parties such a big hit with parents and kids?

It links with our core ethos. Everything is geared towards making EVERY child a winner.

All of this control over quality, inclusivity and professional care extends to local sports-themed party packages delivered by Little Foxes. The aim will always be to help each child get maximum enjoyment, and go home with a strong sense of achievement.

What’s included in a sports-themed party?

The best activity parties for children need to be age appropriate of course, and also provide the sorts of energetic games that get everyone involved.

For instance, a football party package could include a World Cup-style tournament, as well as dribbling footballs in a relay or obstacle race, and playing beat the goalie.

As no one group of children is the same as the next, it’s important to find a sports party provider who can tailor the event to the birthday child and their friends. For example, you may want a professionally coached football party in the London area, or a multi-sports party package to give guests a chance to try something new.

The Little Foxes Club can also deliver parties that focus on different sports genres. For example, a child’s tennis party, or a tag/touch rugby party.

Once the child (and their parents) has chosen the best activities for that party, with the Little Foxes party package you get:

  • 2 full hours of entertainment
  • 2 fully qualified sports coaches (who are great with children)
  • High-quality equipment.

If you need permission to organise a children’s sports party at your chosen venue, we can often sort that too. Or, we can suggest local venues that do sports-themed parties on a regular basis.

Sports Themed Party

Tips on organising children’s sports birthday parties

There are a few special considerations when your child chooses a birthday celebration with The Little Foxes Club.

  • Make sure every child receives a warm welcome, something our coaches are very good at!
  • Ensure that activities are inclusive for every child who is invited to the party – our coaches can identify and adapt our parties to any age group, ability level or sport and are more than happy to oblige any requests.
  • Focus on FUN! Our coaches make this the number one priority on the day so that each child will come away with new, happy memories of The Little Foxes Club.

Optional extras from sports party organisers

The Little Foxes Club is always happy to discuss great ways to customise a sports-themed party for your child. However, the most popular ‘added extras’ – particularly for football parties for children – are:

  • End of party awards – with medals for all children and a trophy for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Gazebos for outside sports parties.
  • Extra sports party staff for larger groups (such as parties for uniformed or school groups).

Optional Extras From Sports Party Organisers

Leading provider of London sports activity parties

How much do sports-themed parties cost, and who can deliver them best? The price of a football party for children, or whatever else you request, is dependent on the location and how many children are invited.

The best way to cost out an activity-based party in the London area is to get in touch with us for a quote. We have the experience, staff and equipment needed – not to mention that massive sense of FUN!

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