Workshops & Assemblies

For Children – Introducing guest appearances to your academic year can be a great way to get important messages across to your students by breaking away from their regular routine. Children are commonly receptive to new faces & voices in school settings and, through interactive and inclusive methods, we look to cover important and relevant topics such as ‘Healthy Eating & Exercise’, ‘Teamwork’, ‘Anti-Bullying’ and ‘Goal Setting’.

For Teachers – One of the most important aspects of teaching PE is confidence. A vast array of experiences and teaching methods are crucial for the delivery and development of an engaging curriculum.

The Little Foxes Club are on hand to run group workshops, which can take place outside of school hours during the week, on inset days or any other time that suits your schedule. Workshops can provide your staff members with a pressure-free environment in which they are free to ask questions, discuss their own experiences, have the opportunity to lead their own sessions, as well as take part in those run by others.

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