Our club is driven by the strong belief that all children should have access to inclusive sports activities, including grassroots programmes to build fitness, skills, confidence and social opportunities.

This will also help discover and coach the next generation of top sportspeople!

Based on this goal, The Little Foxes Club began in 2007 by organising games and activities in a London park. It’s now a market leader in delivering community-based children’s sports programmes.

This includes curriculum and after school sessions within education, sports holiday clubs, advanced football coaching, and local sports-themed parties. We also offer stimulation for community sports leagues and clubs, working with local venues and associations.

Our programmes are delivered by top local sports coaches, who are DBS approved and engaged in continuous training. They also operate within frameworks provided by such bodies as the Football Association (FA), Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and Rugby Football Union (RFU).

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Be part of the success story

Though many of our community-based sports and activities programmes are still in the London area, we are growing fast. Largely through our franchise network.

This offers exciting opportunities for anyone with a sports, education or business background. You can be your own boss, develop your own local children’s sports enterprise, with a unique level of help from our brand and centralised admin and booking systems.

Community partnerships

Dedicated local children’s sports franchises are vital to our continued growth. However, at the foundation of The Little Foxes Club’s expansion is partnerships formed within communities.

We work alongside education, local authorities, and local sports clubs and associations and venues, to deliver quality-controlled, safe and inclusive sports programmes.

From this, we have earned the trust of countless parents and guardians, who have confidence in our local teams and national brand.

Community Partnerships
Diversity And Inclusivity In Community Sports

Diversity and inclusivity in community sports delivery

Another important part of The Little Foxes Club’s business concept – and localised delivery of sports and activity programmes – is innovation. Though local football coaching remains one of our most popular services, we have opened up a myriad of sports genres to many thousands of children.

Core to our beliefs is that all community sports activities should be inclusive, offering something for all abilities and fitness levels. As well as being a safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing environment.

Advantages of sports and activity programmes

Our national team – and community-based sports coaching enterprises – also believe that providing children with community sports programmes benefits them in multiple ways.

Children who participate:

  • Get outside, active and fitter
  • Learn new skills and abilities, such as coordination and balance
  • Develop soft skills such as teamwork and good communication
  • Have fun and make new friends
  • Sample traditional and modern sports and activities
  • Potentially start a lifelong interest in a particular sport
Advantages Of Sports And Activity Programmes
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To find out how you can work with us in delivering creative, responsive and hugely popular community-based sports programmes in the UK and other locations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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